What is Intercom?

An intercom is electronic intercommunication device that allows two or more people carry on a conversation over a wired circuit through different rooms or compartments in a structure (i.e. buildings). It is mostly found mounted permanently with the building. There are intercom stations for private residential buildings and apartments, for prisons and prison vans, for ships and air crafts, for hospitals and emergency points, etc. Intercoms can be audio only, video or combination of both audio and video.

Here at All Star Electrical we provide a complete range of intercom systems along with installation . We install, repair, maintain and commissioned all types of audio & video intercom systems.

  • Why Do I Need an Intercom?

    • Intercom system provides high level of security and peace of mind;
    • Intercom system is very helpful. It can enable users to communicate between different home or office areas;
    • Intercom system can be used to monitor child’s room;
    • Intercom system may allow play radio or CD music

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