All Star  was formed primarily to fix the problem of expensive, continually blowing, extremely hot and sometimes dangerous halogen lights. As qualified electricians we see these problems everyday and have searched high and low for the most reliable and affordable LED lights to install. The best part of our job is when we have completed an LED installation and we turn on the new LED lights, they give old dark rooms and work spaces a new life and over time pay for themselves. No more humming and flickering fluorescent lights, LED lights are silent and turn on instantly at full brightness.

• Initial scoping of existing lights.
• Assessment of lighting hours, electricity rate, and utility providers.
• Scope of appropriate LED lights.
• Installation of a power-regulating transformer for maximum LED efficiency.
• A full savings proposal based on the LED upgrade before the project begins.
• A detailed lighting design including a Reflective Ceiling Plan (RCP) and a DIALux report.

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